Registered under Indian Society Act. 1860 R. No. Mah / 272/05 / Nagpur. Bombay Public Trust Act . 1950 R. No. F-21924(N)
Admission opens for BCCA-I, BCCA-II BCCA-III, BBA-I, BBA-II, BBA-III, B.COM-I, B. COM-II, B COM-III (2021-2022)

Mr.Ravindra Dhande

Qualification :,MSCIT, Type Eng.& mar 40.
Designation : senior clerk
Working Experience : 12 years


  • He provides any data & statistical particular that has been requested by authorities
  • He is responsible for the safe custody of all the files in the office
  • 3. He take precautions to protect University records.

Mrs. Darshana walde

Qualification : B A, MSCIT,DTP,CCP, CCCO,MS office, Typ-eng 50,hin 30,mara 30.
Designation : computer operator
Working Experience : 12 years


  • She enters data, maintain data entered &back up data files periodically.
  • She facilitates the students, faculty & staff with all the literature that may be needed for their scholarly activities
  • She prepares formal letters, minutes, reports provided by administrator.

Mr. DhirajDurge

Qualification : B com, MSCIT
Designation : Office assistant
Working Experience : 12 years


  • He Maintains inward/outward register &uses them for sending / receiving official communication
  • He facilitates the students, faculty & staff with all the literature that may be needed for their scholarly activities.
  • He maintains s records of admissions as well as TC issued.

Miss Diksha Bhardwaj

Qualification : BCCA
Designation : Office assistant
Working Experience : 2 years


  • She instructs the students to collect their University hall ticket.
  • She maintains records of the students who collected their University results.
  • She receives, distribute & dispatch mail related to college.

Mr Ganesh Moundekar

Qualification :, Tally, MSCIT,IT programme,TypEng 30.
Designation : Accountant
Working Experience : 7 years


  • He collects fees from students & maintains proper accounting books.
  • He verifies the bills prepared & submitted.
  • He performs any other accounts related functions assigned from time to time.

Mrs Vaishali Sidam

Qualification : Librarian
Designation : M.A,M.lib
Working Experience : 5 years


  • She manages library of the college.
  • She arranges to prepare the library budget and policies.
  • She enters data related with books & back up data files periodically.

Ajay Padmakar

Qualification : BCCA, MSCIT, HTML,LINEX, CCNA,VB,ORACLE,C programming,Tally.
Designation : Lab assistant
Working Experience : 7years


  • He ensures that the infrastructure facilities in the lab are adequate so that each batch has ample opportunity to complete practical successfully.
  • He coordinates periodical testing of equipment.
  • He maintains lab document & ensures that the lab is kept clean & orderly.