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Spacious Campus and Classrooms
Zulekha Campus

The colleges operate from a G+3 storied building. The building houses airy classrooms with wide corridors. A 150-seat conference room equipped with latest audio and video facility provides an ideal place for seminars and conferences. Ground floor has an auditorium like facility for hosting annual gatherings and other big events. Sufficient parking space is provided within the campus for the staff and student vehicles. A huge playground very near to the campus is provided for the students interested in playing outdoor games like cricket and football.

Computer Lab
Zulekha College Lab

A state-of-art computer lab is set up with high end hardware and all the required software. The lab is well equipped to cover aspects of Database, Language Programming, Networking, Computer Graphics and Multimedia.

Computer Lab has dedicated leased line of 2 Mbps for high speed internet connectivity, broadband connections are used as a backup and fault tolerant for uninterrupted internet connectivity. Lab maintains separate servers for Database, File, Print and Web.

Electronics Lab
Zulekha College Electronics Lab

Electronics lab is well equipped to provide students a strong footing in the fields of Analog and Digital Circuit Design, Communication, Instrumentation and Control, Embedded systems, VLSI Technologies, Microwave Engineering, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Electronics and Microprocessors. The lab equipments are upgraded on yearly basis.


Science Laboratory

Our laboratories provide a safe working environment with caution over energy conservation and environmental impact of activities. Lab is properly equipped with stable and safe electric supply, good ventilation, adequate lighting, safety systems like fire control measures, storage of records and water supply. Along with a lab-assistant. This is the main resource for science based students where they perform their experiments and learn practicals.


Psychology Laboratory

The Psychology Laboratories have evolved into a facility with two primary tasks. First, they introduce psychology students to a setting of scientific research. Second, it allows students to design, conduct, and to participate in faculty research as well as to design and carry out their own studies with faculty supervision. Our Lab is in operating order for all psychology tests and faculties supervise all ongoing activity. Computer and Printing facilities are provided. This in turn helps in guidance, counseling and placement cell too. Language lab helps further to manage students audio and vocabulary teaching.


Educational Technology Laboratory

E.T. L is the backbone of the practice teaching programme. Smart class facility is provided in it. It is decorated and update with the various equipments. Teacher and Students use this lab to make their teaching effective. It consist of Smart Class, Overhead projectors, slide projector, T.V, D.V.D, Educational Films, Transparencies, Etc.


Zulekha College Electronics Lab

Library is well stocked to cover the topics relevant for all the streams and courses available in the college. With 2000+ titles in English, Hindi, Marathi and Urdu languages students have plenty of reference and study material in addition to the academic books. The spread of learning resources in the library is wide and covers academic books, journals, dictionaries, magazines, encyclopedia and thesaurus. A spacious reading room attached to the library comes in extremely handy for the students wanting to study in their free time.

Online Study Material Access

Management is planning to provide from Academic Year 2013-2014 online access to the study material, home assignments, test modules and other required information.