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Admission opens for BCCA-I, BCCA-II BCCA-III, BBA-I, BBA-II, BBA-III, B.COM-I, B. COM-II, B COM-III (2021-2022)


Warm Greetings !!!!!!!!

college-logo1.jpgI offer humble gratitude for spending precious time to read the article. All thorough my journey since founding the Zulekha Group, I have earnestly tried to empower women by giving opportunities in as many roles within the group organization and secretly nurtured a wish to support under-privileged through education.

Subsequently with this belief, I started ZED Vocational Training and General Central Shikshan (ZVTGCSS) in Shantinagar, East Nagpur in 2008. Zed is a minority commission recognized TRUST imparting educational courses in streams of Education, Commerce & Technology. My mission through ZED is to provide quality education, all-round development, state of-art infrastructure, financial assistance to the needy and groom students to industry acceptable standards at nominal cost, especially for girls and women. Hence it gives me great pride to watch this organization’s growth in its endeavor towards excelling in our vision and mission. I feel extremely pleased and satisfied with the path-breaking initiatives that we have taken up at the Trust to achieve our goals and objectives, though we are still young in our journey and lots need to be done.

There are plans to add more educational streams in near future, with focus, to make students passing out of the college relevant to the industry needs and demands. While I had the good fortune to lead this institute, the success achieved has undoubtedly been the result of consolidated efforts put in by the entire staff of Zulekha Group of Colleges.

The sincere efforts of the staff has started giving results with most of the students from the first batch (Commerce, Science and Technology streams) passing out and getting placed in leading organizations, including eight placement in Dubai –a big achievement for considering these streams are in the tenth year of operation. I have noticed genuine efforts being taken for placements in Education stream too and some students have been placed locally.

I firmly believe that efforts always give results. Dedicated and focused efforts of our highly experienced, approved and talented teaching staff has resulted in college’s superior performance in University exams. The passing percentage in the university exams has shown marked improvements on a year-to-year basis.

Along with words of encouragement, I also feel responsible to caution you about the world beyond the protective cluster of our college. While facing life’s challenging journey, I must share a secret with you-those who are willing to work hard with sincerity, dedication and commitment, will sail through. I am reminded of “Alexander Pope’s inspiring words “An honest person is the noblest work of the God”. What ultimately matters in your hard work. !!!!!!!!

Dr. Zulekha Daud.